Google Adwords

Google Adwords Versus Seo

I am a strong proponent of search engine optimization, so my strategy for attracting visitors to my website consists for the most of a content strategy (think of blogging, my knowledge base, video marketing, etc.). Now I often get the question of whether it is smart to have a Google Adwords strategy in addition to SEO. SEO is usually a bit more long-term, and with Adwords, you can also attract a lot of visitors in the short term. However, I think it is a shame to pay for visitors if you could have received them for free. Free costs a bit more time and is somewhat more difficult, but let’s not call each other a shit: good results often require work!

Google Adwords Next To Seo

Well, having said that I would like to comment on the Adwords side because the attentive viewer has seen an Adwords advertisement from me in the picture above. I recently started advertising in Adwords again, not because SEO is not sufficient, but because I like to get back to work here and because I can set up a whole process for this and can test this. Also, it helps me with my ” keywords wish list ” but more about that later.

You see that I advertise here on the word ” .” I do this because this is because I do not score very well on this, because it is not my core business so I do not write about it. However, it is a word that fits my business, and because I also wrote an e-book about it, I can set up a perfect process for it.