Google Adwords

Google Adwords Versus Seo

I am a strong proponent of search engine optimization, so my strategy for attracting visitors to my website consists for the most of a content strategy (think of blogging, my knowledge base, video marketing, etc.). Now I often get the question of whether it is smart to have a Google Adwords strategy in addition to SEO. SEO is usually a bit more long-term, and with Adwords, you can also attract a lot of visitors in the short term. However, I think it is a shame to pay for visitors if you could have received them for free. Free costs a bit more time and is somewhat more difficult, but let’s not call each other a shit: good results often require work!

Google Adwords Next To Seo

Well, having said that I would like to comment on the Adwords side because the attentive viewer has seen an Adwords advertisement from me in the picture above. I recently started advertising in Adwords again, not because SEO is not sufficient, but because I like to get back to work here and because I can set up a whole process for this and can test this. Also, it helps me with my ” keywords wish list ” but more about that later.

You see that I advertise here on the word ” .” I do this because this is because I do not score very well on this, because it is not my core business so I do not write about it. However, it is a word that fits my business, and because I also wrote an e-book about it, I can set up a perfect process for it.


So What You See Here Is

Google Adwords advertisement (advertising on the word dropshipping)

Some blog posts on my website about the e-book

An opt-in page for downloading the e-book

A sales page of my internet marketing course that suits you

The reason for step 2 is that you can not advertise directly from Google to opt-in pages (you will get a Google Slap ). That is why I announce to my blog, that is allowed because the visitor has numerous “choices” and is not forced to fill in an opt-in form to continue. After downloading, they arrive at the sales page of my “frontend program.” A percentage of the people who think this is interesting and buy the program. That not only gives me customers, it also covers the costs I made at Adwords to get the visitors.

Seo & Adwords Together

Just as our national coach gets the question every week “can van Persie and Huntelaar play in orange together” I get the question “can you use SEO and Adwords together?”. Of course, that is possible because one does not have to exclude the other. However, I would like to suggest to consult some¬†Free SEO Analysis, I want¬† to point out the power of SEO and the benefits of free visitors. Try to reach all your places in Google in the long term via SEO so that your Adwords is superfluous, saves you a lot of money!